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Requirements from the State of Hawaii for a 329 card:

  • Valid medical cannabis registration card issued by another U.S. state or territorial or District of Columbia government 

  • If your home state’s medical cannabis card does not have the expiration date on it (i.e. New York), please upload additional documents that state the expiration date of your registration in the “other documents” section in the Hawaii online application.

  • Physician certifications or recommendations are not accepted in lieu of state government-issued medical cannabis cards.

  • Valid government-issued state ID or driver’s license from the same U.S. state or territory or District of Columbia* with the same name on the medical cannabis registration card.

  • Certified in your “home” state as having one or more debilitating medical conditions identified in Hawaii State Law

If you fit the above requirements:

  • The application process is completed online

  • You may apply for no more than two, 60-day terms in a calendar year

  • May request a “start date” for the term to begin

  • May apply 60 days prior to the requested “start date”

  • Application fee is $49.50 and is non-refundable

  • Electronic access to the Hawaii 329 Registration card will be provided upon approval

If you are a Hawaii resident with an out-of-state license:

  • You can provide your out-of-state license in addition to a utility bill verifying your residential address. 

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